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BJBB: Willis [Clubs] by gShiin
BJBB: Willis [Clubs]
Meh// leavesthishereforawhile
Sankyuu etchii for helping me with his app!! //noPS orz

" I LIKE.... ME! NO WAIT-- ORANGES-- Orange is a good color, YES! ORANGE! N-no i meant the fruit!! (Don't hit me) "
"They say try and try until you succeed! But i don't think you'd need any 4-leaf clovers for this junk! After all! "The Third Time's A Charm!" "

:new:Voice: Itou Kashitarou 伊東歌詞太郎 | ___(アンダーバー) Andaba

Name: Willis
Age: 18
Birthday: November 17
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65 kg
Profession:  Mechanic / Arsonist
Rank: F
Card of Choice: KING OF CLUBS!!
Weapons: A slightly larger than usual wrench and Spray paint (spray paint is flammable)
Items: Kitchen Lighter

    Willis is your everyday average dumb, happy-go-lucky, clumsy teenager who can't put a lid on his own mouth to save his life. He's the type who can't read the atmosphere around him, so often times he called off as an annoyance. He believes what he sees, says what he thinks, does what he wants. So 9 times out of 10 he gets into some deep trouble. 1 times out of 10 he makes use of his brain that isn't really existent. He's too loud for his own good and has a special talent in sparking up fights (probably because of his bluntness he tends to be rude and not realizing it, it offends people.)  He's a bit violent only towards two special someones.

    He's not really good at a lot of things, which depresses him quite a lot. He likes getting attention and will do anything to get other people's attention, if he's unsuccessful in doing so, he'll get jealous and sulk for a whole day.  Willis is a really touchy person, so what other people think is harassment, he thinks of it as being buddy-buddy. He likes to hug people and be hugged(though he doesn't really get hugged-- it's always on his own initiative) and at some times, snuggling/cuddling against another person because to him it seemed to be the best thing to do at the moment because he just wanted to. Punching, nabbing, throwing, kicking and stabbing are another type of buddy-buddy, he does that to only to two people (hint hint). Genius people irk him to the point that he glares out of character, it reminds him of his Rival.


Willis grew up not knowing any parents, he grew up however with an independent group of resistance/thug buns, who often got into minor trouble with the cops so the mostly went in hiding. But one time, Willis was 9, they got followed to their hiding place by the cops, they all resisted in getting take in 'custody' so there was a crossfire between both parties. However due to the lack of weaponry their party had, they were losing, a lot of buns died in the process. But in the midst of the fray, someone took him out  of that gruesome situation. He was taken in by some mysterious human, he wasn't sure if that guy was an ally or whatever, but he didn't really have that much of a choice so he went with him.

He was taken by their caretaker who goes by the name Xiao Yu, a hitman-for-hire who runs a shop near down town; the person always wore a hat so he never knew if the person was a human or not. Willis was taken in 3 years after a certain red head bun under Xiao Yu as apprentices which irritated him a lot. That redhead was a genius, everything he did was with excellence, he was often praised for it by their caretaker and made him really jealous. He often challenged the other bun to fights but end up losing miserably because of his lack of skill, but still he was determined to overthrow his rival. Whenever he was given the stage, he'd mess up quite a lot, he was too clumsy to do anything and often led to several minor injuries.

One day, however, he got dismissed from being trained as an agressor by their caretaker because of all the damage he did in the previous training. Feeling all bitter and down about it, he stepped out for a bit for a little fresh air to calm him down. He happened to come accross some junk(Which happened to be one of the things he destroyed/broke during training) and tinkered with it. That was when his interest in machines first started, and because of that his caretaker, Xiao Yu sent him to a mechanic he knows deep in downtown.  And from that day he swore to become the best in his own field for the only and sole reason of overthrowing his 'fate destined' opponent. Willis used the next 7 years of his life devoting his skills to machinery and at special occassions, burning things down to ashes.

After training under the Mechanic he was stuck within 7 years, the time he became 18, he decided to take a midnight stroll. One night outside the workshop Willis happened to come across that certain red headed bun who he knew from his past caretaker by accident-- Aexael. Aexael was on some mission creating distractions through out the city when he caught his eye. Prying out some info out him, he learned that the latter joined in a so called brigade, ah but he didn't care much about the details. Seeing this as a chance to set their rivalry back on fire again on a whole new level-- He forced Aexael to get him in the brigade. And that's how this little noise cracker found his way here.

  • Often uses pick up lines on anyone regardless of gender when he's in hype.  Not for romantic purposes but for 'pissing-people-off' purposes.
  • His favorite food/beverage is Espresso. Bonus points if there's a body he's sitting on to make it perfect he says. "Having espresso on a perfect weather is the best! Even better if I'm sitting on someone lying in a pool or red!"
  • His name is mispelled as well, that would be Aexael's fault.
  • He has a terrible habit of falling on his face.
  • He's terrible at spying duty, because his mouth often gives him away. His probable ADHD isn't helping either.
  • He took arsonist as a side job because his former caretaker suggested it was a nice excuse whenever he blows something up.
  • Not that his aims aren't that great, he didn't get to become a hitman or anything else because the weapons always seemed to 'backfire' at him. Aexael says it's karma.
  • He's fond of Bright colors in general, in contrast with Aexael who likes dark colors.
  • Likes giving nicknames with suffixes to the people he likes, his mechanic caretaker was japanese so he got it from him despite Willis being of American/Italian line.

  • Has severe Athazagoraphobia; fear of being ignored or forgotten, Monophobia; fear of being alone, and probable ADHD


His Fate Destined Rival; they NEVER get along. It's also his fault why Aexael's name is spelled wrong-- hence becoming Aexael. Both don't remember the original spelling or how it's pronounced so they went with that.  Same goes with Willis' name, that would be Aexael's fault. Never let another idiot teach another idiot anything.


'I hate him with an everlasting-- LOVE?'
HIS DEAREST PESTER BUDDY. It is a mystery how these two even get to stay together for so long without one killing the other. For Willis, Kelvin and him have a long-term LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP, even though they're constantly are at each other's throats, they seem to watch each other's back in fighting... subconsciously.

He isn't really close with the ginger haired shrimp, but whenever they come together they can set off-- probably the largest AND loudest racket in the whole brigade. Also casual fights on who's better, Aexael or Kelvin.
[BJBB] Axel Yui Dump by gShiin
[BJBB] Axel Yui Dump

Axel | moi
Yui | :iconetto-sama:
Saph and Creed-- down there below | senbro & hoshi


Uhh.. some of them are from a year ago-- years ago-- IDK;;
he's in clubs
BJBB - Grumpy Face by gShiin
BJBB - Grumpy Face
Grumpy Face Aexael hehehehehheheheheheehehehhehe //MAULED
Also revamp of his clothes when he gets to at least A rank //SOB

o)-< For his pic on the DG-T //creys
The bg i still haven't done yet

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